Contact Lens Policy

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Contact Lens policy

It is our intention to provide our patients with the best possible contact lens services and materials available. Therefore, we are continually updating our lens inventory so that we can provide you with the latest products in contact lenses and solution. In order to maintain quality care, we strongly believe that providing our patients with all pertinent information regarding the procedures and fees relating to contact lenses before services are rendered is in the best interest of everyone.

We recommend a full eye exam yearly. The contact lens evaluation is NOT part of a full eye health exam. The tests performed during this evaluation are beyond those tests done during an eye health exam. These tests include checking for dry eyes and allergies, and taking other corneal measurements. The corneal-contact lens relationship is evaluated and the proper lens power is determined while wearing the lens.

Frequency of contact lens fittings:

  1. Every 24 months or as recommended by the doctor, even if you are not having problems with your current contacts

  2. If patient wishes to change to a different contact lens brand after the contact lens exam is completed

  3. By Washington State Law, the evaluation must be done within 6 months of the full eye exam.

Fees for contact lens fitting:

  1. $110 spherical contacts

  2. $130 soft toric or rigid gas permeable

  3. $150 bitoric, multifocal, multiple brands

  4. $225 specialty fits

  5. $60 if we have tested for and dispensed samples but you then wish to abandon the evaluation process

Contacts lens follow-up:

  1. If needed, the first follow-up should be within 30 days of contact lens dispense.

  2. Your fitting period starts on your appointment date. *The contact lens evaluation fee will be collected on this day. Insurance benefits can be used when the actual contact lens supply is ordered.* All follow-up visits must be completed within 2 months of this date. You will be responsible for additional contact fitting fees (see schedule above) if more time is needed but cannot extend past 6 months of this initial fitting.


  1. A contact lens prescription, by Washington State Law, does not exist until the doctor has seen the prescribed contact lenses on your eyes and deems the fit and vision to be adequate. Please be sure to wear the contacts into the follow-up appt.

  2. By Washington State Law, the doctor can only give out prescriptions for contacts that have been evaluated on your eyes. No other brands or types may be substituted when writing this prescription.

  3. It is possible for a separate medical eye condition to arise during the contact lens fitting period. If the doctor deems this to be the case, you are financially responsible for those office visits. We will do our best to assist in verifying benefits under your medical insurance, if applicable.

  4. You have 2 weeks to pick up contacts after notification. After this time period, they will be returned to the manufacturer and you will be responsible for a restocking fee of $10.

  5. Contact lenses are non-refundable. Fees for services are non-refundable.

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